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Name Industry
CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) Security + IAT (Information Assurance Technical) II Certification Cybersecurity
QISP006 Catching the Hackers - Introduction to Intrusion Detection Systems Cybersecurity
QISP008 Catching the Hackers II: Systems to Defend Networks Cybersecurity
QISP027 Linux Unix Security Cybersecurity
QISP028 Mission Critical Planning Cybersecurity
QIAP001 Q/AAP Qualified/Access, Authentication, PKI Professional Cybersecurity
QIAP002 Q/NSP SOA Qualified/Network Security Policy Administration & SOA Security Architect Cybersecurity
QIAP003 Q/CandA Qualified/Certification and Accreditation Cybersecurity
QISP001 Q/SA Qualified/Security Analyst Penetration Tester Cybersecurity
QISP002 Q/PTL Qualified/Penetration Tester License Cybersecurity
QISP003 Q/EH Qualified/Ethical Hacker Cybersecurity
QISP004 Q/ND Qualified/Network Defender Cybersecurity
QISP005 Q/FE Qualified/Forensic Expert Cybersecurity
QSSE001 Q/SSE Qualified/Software Security Expert 5-day Bootcamp Cybersecurity
QSSE002 Q/SSPT License Qualified/Software Security Penetration Tester Cybersecurity
QSSE003 Q/ST Qualified/Software Testing Bootcamp Cybersecurity
QSSE004 How to Break & Fix Web Security Cybersecurity
QSSE005 How to Break & Fix Software Cybersecurity
QSSE006 Fundamentals of Secure Software Programming Cybersecurity
QSSE008 Q/STPB Qualified/Software Security Tester Best Practices Cybersecurity
QSSE007 Q/SSH Qualified/Software Security Hacker/Defender Cybersecurity
QSSE009 Introduction to Reverse Engineering Cybersecurity
CWNP002 CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Cybersecurity
CWNP003 Q/WAD Qualified/Wireless Analyst & Defender Cybersecurity
CWNP004 CWNA/CWSP Bootcamp (2 classes) Cybersecurity
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Cybersecurity
SU CASP – Certified Advance Security Professional CompTIA Certification Training Class Cybersecurity

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