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Name Industry
CISA001 SU Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Training Class Cybersecurity
CISM001 SU Certified Information Systems Manager (CISM) Training Class Cybersecurity
CompTIA Security + IAT (Information Assurance Technical) II Certification Cybersecurity
QISP006 Catching the Hackers - Introduction to Intrusion Detection Systems Cybersecurity
QISP008 Catching the Hackers II: Systems to Defend Networks Cybersecurity
QISP027 Linux Unix Security Cybersecurity
QISP028 Mission Critical Planning Cybersecurity
ISC2003 Information Systems Security Engineering Professional (ISSEP) Cybersecurity
ISO001 Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) Lead Auditor Certification Class Cybersecurity
ISO002 Certified ISO 27001 Implementation Course Cybersecurity
MS008 MS002 Microsoft Certified Information Technology (MCIT) Certification Cybersecurity
QIAP005 Mission Critical Windows 7 Certification Cybersecurity
Q/SAP001 Qualified/Internet Security Awareness Training and Compliance of Management Cybersecurity
Q/SAP002 Qualified/Security Awareness Training Cybersecurity
QIAP001 Q/AAP Qualified/Access, Authentication, PKI Professional Cybersecurity
QIAP002 Q/NSP SOA Qualified/Network Security Policy Administration & SOA Security Architect Cybersecurity
QIAP003 Q/CandA Qualified/Certification and Accreditation Cybersecurity
QISP001 Q/SA Qualified/Security Analyst Penetration Tester Cybersecurity
QISP002 Q/PTL Qualified/Penetration Tester License Cybersecurity
QISP003 Q/EH Qualified/Ethical Hacker Cybersecurity
QISP004 Q/ND Qualified/Network Defender Cybersecurity
QISP005 Q/FE Qualified/Forensic Expert Cybersecurity
QSSE001 Q/SSE Qualified/Software Security Expert 5-day Bootcamp Cybersecurity
QSSE002 Q/SSPT License Qualified/Software Security Penetration Tester Cybersecurity
QSSE003 Q/ST Qualified/Software Testing Bootcamp Cybersecurity
QSSE004 How to Break & Fix Web Security Cybersecurity
QSSE005 How to Break & Fix Software Cybersecurity
QSSE006 Fundamentals of Secure Software Programming Cybersecurity
QSSE008 Q/STPB Qualified/Software Security Tester Best Practices Cybersecurity
QSSE007 Q/SSH Qualified/Software Security Hacker/Defender Cybersecurity
QSSE009 Introduction to Reverse Engineering Cybersecurity
SSCP002 SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner Cybersecurity
CWNP001 CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administration Cybersecurity
CWNP002 CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Cybersecurity
CWNP003 Q/WAD Qualified/Wireless Analyst & Defender Cybersecurity
CWNP004 CWNA/CWSP Bootcamp (2 classes) Cybersecurity
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Cybersecurity
SU CASP – Certified Advance Security Professional CompTIA Certification Training Class Cybersecurity

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