Youth Activities

Where do you go for fun, why not try your local recreation center? The centers offer sporting actives, arts and crafts, computer labs, and opportunities to socialize with peers and develop new friendships. Take a look at our listing for local recreation centers near you.

Have weekend down time that you want to fill? What about your local teen center where you can interact with individuals your own age and engage in various activities such as pool, board games, social dances, and much more?

When summer rolls around Summer activities offer various camps, either educational or sports oriented. Get involved in your local area and you can discover various trips and outings taking place in your region.

Are you looking for a Summer Job?
Where should you look? Think about places you go to more in the summer than in the winter:

  • Parks
  • Area historic attractions
  • Amusement Parks
  • Pools
  • Stores
  • Movies
  • Library

All these places need more help in the summer to accommodate the increase in business.

Most people vacation in the summer.

  • That can mean jobs for you

Companies could use temporary help filling the jobs of vacationing employees.

  • Some call temporary agencies
  • Some hire people to move around and fill those spots during the summer

Want to work for yourself.

  • Take care of animals or plants when neighbors are away
  • Watch younger children during the day for neighbors who work

Network, Network, Network

  • Tell everyone you know that you're looking for a job this summer
  • Start early. Don't wait until June

Think about volunteering

  • It looks good on a future application for work or college
  • Have a career you really want to explore
  • Summer volunteering is a good way to experience a career choice
  • Even if an employer is not able to hire extra help for the summer, they may be willing to take on a volunteer and an extra pair of hands

Volunteering is something that you can do to give back to the community. Whether you do it within the school system, libraries, or community groups the opportunities are there for you to give time to others.

Fairfax County Volunteer Services:
This site provides a complete listing of all volunteer openings within the county of Fairfax.

Loudoun County Volunteer Services:
This site gives information on Loudoun counties available volunteer sites.

A listing of state offices is provided on this site. Americorps is a residential program helping to meet critical needs in the United States with the youth population.

Peace Corps:
This site provides information on the national organization as well as ways to become involved in the opportunities that are offered.

4-H Council:
This site gives the user information on the 4-H locations and services provided to both families and youth in the local areas.

Virginia Cooperative Extension:
This program offers youth educational programs as well as resources for youths and their families.

This site provides information on youth recreation, youth classes and programs aimed at the youth population. Various locations for the YMCA can be found at this site.

Loudoun County Parks and Recreation:
This site provides information on recreation buildings, therapeutic recreation services and youth volunteer opportunities.

Fairfax County Parks and Recreation:
This site provides information on recreation buildings, therapeutic recreation services and youth volunteer opportunities.

Prince William County Park Authority:
This site provides information on county parks as well as a direct link to the counties Leisure guide.

Prince William County Recreation:
This site gives weekly listings of the counties events. Numerous teen activities can be found.

Loudoun County Rescue Squad:
This site provides information for the county youth to become involved in volunteering for the area rescue service.

Participating in sports is something that can be done all year round. You have choices from basketball to hockey throughout the region. Just contact your local recreation center.

Fairfax City Parks and Recreation
Green Acres Center
4401 Sideburn Rd.
3730 Old Lee Hwy.
Fairfax, Va., 22030
703-385-7858 Fax: 703-246-6321

The department oversees 21 parks as well as recreation trails and community programs.

Fairfax County Department of Community and Recreation Services
12011 Government Center Pkwy.
Fairfax, Va., 22035
703-324-4386 TDD: 703-222-9693

The department operates community centers, a multicultural center and teen centers. To find a community center near you, call 703-324-5555, or go to the Web site. To find a teen center near you, call 703-324-TEEN (8336), or go to the Web site.

Fairfax County Park Authority
12055 Government Center Pkwy.
Suite 927
Fairfax, Va., 22035
703-324-8702 Fax: 703-324-3974

The authority oversees more than 390 parks and facilities on more than 22,500 acres. It operates recreation centers, known as RECenters, historic and nature sites, golf and miniature-golf courses and a farmers market program. The agency also offers special events and hundreds of classes.

Falls Church Recreation and Parks Department
223 Little Falls St.
Falls Church, Va., 22046
703-248-5077 Fax: 703-536-8150

Based at the Falls Church Community Center, the department oversees 11 parks, plus programs including classes, sports and seasonal events.

George Washington Memorial Parkway
Turkey Run Park
McLean, Va., 22101
703-289-2500 Fax: 703-289-2598

The parkway preserves the natural scenery along the Potomac River. It connects more than a dozen historic sites from Mount Vernon to Great Falls.

Herndon Parks and Recreation Department
814 Ferndale Ave.
Herndon, Va., 20170
703-435-6868 Fax: 703-318-8652

Headquartered at the Herndon Community Center, the department operates nine parks and a golf course and runs special programs.

McLean Community Center
1234 Ingleside Ave.
McLean, Va., 22101
703-790-0123 Fax: 703-556-0547

The center offers activities for adults, teenagers and children, including classes, lectures, study tours, exhibitions, performances and specialty shows. It also sponsors community events, including McLean Day at Lewinsville Park in May and Fourth of July fireworks at Langley High School. It is funded by residents of greater McLean through a real estate tax surcharge. The center also receives money from fees and charges and relies on volunteers, gifts and donations to expand its programs. An 11-member governing board oversees the center's budget and operation.

Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority
5400 Ox Rd.
Fairfax Station, Va., 22039
703-352-5900 TDD: 703-352-3165

The authority represents three counties and three cities, and oversees more than 10,000 acres, including 19 parks, the Bull Run-Occoquan Trail, the historic Carlyle House, five pools, three golf courses, six miniature golf courses and areas for boating and camping.

Prince William County Department of Parks and Recreation
Administrative Office
George Hellwig Memorial Park
14420 Bristow Road
Manassas, VA 20112
Phone: 703-792-7060
Fax: 703-792-4278

You're not gonna get bored here. Take advantage of our 4,000 acres of premier park land, 100 miles of trails, blueways and lakes, diverse programming, world-class skatepark, pools, fitness centers, sports fields... take your pick and GO!

Vienna Parks and Recreation Department
120 Cherry St. SE
Vienna, Va., 22180
703-255-6360 Fax: 703-255-6399

The town operates five parks, a community center and a pottery studio.